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With colleagues at CMG Partners, I have been working on an exciting CMO Agenda research effort and are ready to release the finding to the public on March 17th. Register to receive the free detailed report.

About the research:

What is the “right” role of the chief marketing officer (CMO) and by extension, marketing, within an organization? Should marketing have a seat at the executive table? Should the CMO lead or follow in the pursuit of strategic initiatives? Do the answers to these questions vary depending on industry, company size and type, etc.? How has marketing changed over the last 10 years?  And what will the next 10 years bring?

In talking with more than 30 CMOs and lead marketers from mid-sized organizations to Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries, we found commonalities in practice and differing perspectives on the role marketing can and should play within the organization. Some of the most innovative and cutting edge marketers we spoke with articulated the lead marketing position as a transformative role, working as both a team member and an agent of change within the c-suite.

Marketers openly spoke about their current priorities and critical challenges, and provided candid commentary on how they were approaching each.  One of the most thought provoking aspects of our research was a discussion on the evolution of marketing.  By capturing thoughts on the swinging pendulum between the art and science of marketing we were able to portray an interesting view on past and future practices.

Register to receive the free detailed report.

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