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The Redefining The Role Of Marketing Leadership: Findings From CMGP’s 2nd Annual ‘CMO’s Agenda’ Research (

By Alan Hart, et. al

What does the CMO and, by extension, marketing need to be accountable for within an organization? How can CMOs ascend to the role of strategic adviser to the CEO? What strategic initiatives and processes provide lead marketers the greatest opportunities to drive change in an organization?

CMG Partners’ (CMGP) second round of research, based on interviews with CMOs and lead marketers, answers these questions and uncovers the emerging themes changing the role of marketing within an organization.

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The Evolution of Marketing: Findings From CMGP’s 1st Annual ‘CMO’s Agenda’ Research (

By Alan Hart, et. al

In talking with more than 30 CMOs and lead marketers from midsize organizations to Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries, CMGP found commonalities in practice and differing perspectives in the role marketing can, and should, play within an organization. Some of the most innovative and cutting-edge marketers we interviewed articulated the lead marketing position as a transformative role, working as both a team member and an agent of change within the C-suite.

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The Case for Customer Intimacy: Transforming Retail Financial Services Firms

By Alan Hart & Octavio Sacasa

Retail financial services firms face a steep uphill challenge in regaining customer trust and developing a strategy to succeed with a seemingly new paradigm.  This article considers how focusing on customer intimacy may be the best path to achieving growth.

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7 Sparks for Transforming Your Business

By Alan Hart & J. Mark Carr
(CMO Council Marketing Magnified)

We explore seven ideas and though starters for active leaders to transform their organizations, ideas and concepts that flow out of our CMO Agenda study and experience in helping companies get more out of their growth opportunities, customer bases and marketing investments.

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Marketing:  Noun or Verb?

By Alan Hart
(as published on

Published in MediaPost’s Marketing Daily, we explore the need for marketing executives to be active leaders of transformation in their organizations, a concept that surfaced in our CMO Agenda study as critical in marketing’s quest to earn a seat at the executive table.

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How to Achieve Lasting Improvements in Marketing Effectiveness

By Alan Hart, Barre Blake and J. Mark Carr
(as published on

Marketing leaders should be asking not just how to measure effectiveness today but also how to improve marketing efforts month over month, and year over year. CMG Partners outlines how marketers can commit to continuous improvement and move to a leadership position within their organization.

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Multiline Insurance Market: Transforming through customer intimacy

By Alan Hart, Octavio Sacasa, & Meghan O’Donoghue

The key to steady growth is decisively aligning your organization’s resources towards differentiating itself from competitors. During times of positive market growth, organizations can often survive and maintain market positions with imperfect strategy and execution, but limitations and flaws can become greatly magnified during an economic downturn. It is then that organizations can set themselves apart, if they are properly prepared. CMOs and other senior level marketing executives will tell you this is easier said than done, and while we wouldn’t argue that it isn’t simple, it is possible.

In this white paper, we explore the optimal strategy for multiline insurance companies, the reasons behind it and what it would take to implement this strategy.

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