Top Brand Measurement Firms Can’t Agree, Are You Surprised?

I was reading a recent Adage article “Study Finds Marketers Don’t Practice ROI they Preach” where the author highlights the following:

MASB President Meg Blair noted that four major brand-valuation firms (Interbrand, Millward Brown’s BrandZ, CoreBrand and Brand Finance) peg General Electric’s brand value at between $30.5 billion to $50.3 billion. Two of those firms had GE’s brand value rising in the past year: one by 2%, one by 12%. Two showed its valuation falling: one by 4%, one by 10%.

Here is the visual from the report, which I highly recommend you download here.

GE Brand Value Comparison Chart
GE Brand Value Comparison from GE report to The MASB

Are you surprised? Probably not, we do need a better system and measures. More importantly as Ivan Cayabyab from GE points out the utility of these tools are suspect. We need more diagnostic, actionable and predictive measures of Brand Equity.

Keen® is working on this problem with our Brand Value Maximizer™ methodology. I would love to talk to you if you are looking for a better way.

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