New brand in down market: Hilton launches Denizen Hotels

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Just received an email from Hilton that states they have launched a new life style brand – Denizen Hotels.

Below is an excerpt from the email announcement:

Born modern, with global appeal and a local accent

Denizen Hotels will become a cultural epicentre at each of its destinations, cultivating community within its walls. Eclectic, social and humbly authentic, each property within the brand will be smart in design, cultural in character and sensitive in service delivery. Developed as an international intersection of business and pleasure, Denizen Hotels will redefine how guests stay and play. With innovative check-in technologies and in-room comfort controlled at the touch of a button, Denizen Hotels destinations will harness the best and brightest design and technology to provide a seamless guest experience for the modern traveler.

Denizen Hotels and resorts will range from unique, select boutique experiences to larger destination resorts, creating a unified yet eclectic brand for the global traveller. Active development negotiations are currently underway for resorts and destinations in key cities throughout the globe; including, but not limited to Abu Dhabi, Austin, Beverly Hills (California), Buenos Aires, Cancun, Hollywood (California), Istanbul, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, London, Los Cabos, Miami, Montreal, Mumbai, New York City, Panama City and Washington D.C.

To become a Denizen, visit

[Caution: the Denizen website is painful to navigate and slow]

The Bottom Line:

I am an advocate for new product launches even in a down market, but have a hard time understanding how this is a good idea. The concept on the surface has legs based on my experience working in the travel industry. This is definitely a wait and see…

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