Mplanet update: lots of video shared by executives

Today at Mplanet the top billed presenters included:

All were well received. John and Mary shared a number of videos and ads worth sharing in one place:

Members Project – American Express

Membership Moments – American Express

Dad’s night to cook –  McDonald’s

Find the Lost Ring – McDonals’s (Olympic social mystery game)

McNuggets Rap (amateur version) – Worth watching for a laugh!

Now the commercial version of funny – McDonald’s

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  1. This McNuggets video is sweeping the nation… or at least CMG.

    What did they do with this video? Is it on YouTube or was just an inspiration? I want the scoop.

  2. The McNuggets video was highlighted as how consumers have embraced McDonald’s. McDonald’s has now brought these two guys out from the cold on youtube and are making use of this video to promote McDonald’s more widely. This is a case study in user-generated content driving advertising and communication plans.

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