You had to know search Ads on YouTube were coming

YouTube to offer search results advertising for videos
YouTube to offer search results advertising for videos

The New York Times reports in “YouTube to Sell Advertising on Pages of Search Results” that YouTube will start auctioning search ads to people/companies that want their videos to appear for search terms.

We all had to know this was coming. I think the interesting part of this article in the tiny quote from the CEO:

“I personally do not believe that the perfect ad product for YouTube has been invented yet,” Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, said in a conference call with analysts in July

Few thoughts:

  • I would feel disheartened to be the guy/gal that came up with search results advertising they are releasing when the big guy isn’t sure it is right
  • I like that the CEO is managing expectations with analysts to say “we are still experimenting”
  • Why did it take this long? Two years…really?

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