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Möbius transformation
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Through my previous research with 60+ CMOs on the evolution of lead marketers — transformative leadership has emerged as a path forward. The question now on my mind is how does change take root and what can leaders do to foster the acceleration and permanence behavior  change.

Luckily yesterday, I was turned on to The Katzenbach Center by David Garrison, former CMO of Indaba Music. David was a consultant with Katzenbach before it became a part of Booz & Co. The Katzenbach Center is focused on innovative approaches to organizational change and culture.

The link to the video below is a must see and I have purchased the book. Katzenbach has honed in on one significant element at play — the informal structure and operations of an organization. Many change initiatives I have seen struggle to find the right balance of formal and informal mechanisms to effect change initiatives. What have you seen that works? Do you think informal mechanism are significant? Please comment.

Link to Leading Outside the Lines Video

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