Strike one for Google, death to Yahoo!

Google the #1 search engine
Google the #1 search engine

In yesterday’s article “Google Won’t Pursue Yahoo Ad Deal” from The New York Times, it was reported that the Justice Department did not approve of the deal thus Google stepped away from the deal. This was strike one for the world dominating search powerhouse. Don’t read this the wrong way, I love Google. I probably love them more from stepping away from this deal and tarnishing their image as a force for good vs. corporate moguls. They know the rules and are agreeing to play by them… more companies should do the same.

More importantly, now Yahoo! is in a jam. Their options are limited – reconsider Microsoft or potentially AOL merger or the slow progression of turning the business around. I think most likely they will find a suitor since they are a product of the early internet revolution and deal making is in the psyche.

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