Obama a great marketing success story?

A friend I work with, thanks Morgan, forwarded this very interesting Adage post, “What Marketers Can Learn From Obama’s Campaign“. The post breaks down the Obama brand campaign in a very logical way and I agree with many if not all of the points, but…

Another friend, thanks Karl, sent me this note:

“So last night, I got to thinking…did Oprah shape this election?  Before putting her weight behind Obama (right before his surprise victory in the Iowa caucus) Hillary was the clear favorite…without Oprah would it have been Hillary – McCain last night?

Has one individuals social influence moved past consumable goods and services to influencing politics at the highest level?”

Equally powerful thoughts and opinions on what shapes success to create the Obama mega brand. I think the right answer is a little of both. My friends at CMG Partners are working on a new framework for measuring a brand and I think once that is closer to publication I will share some of the ideas here as a build on this but the reality is that a brand is built by any one thing. It is built from a sustained effort to deliver on your message in every touchpoint with the goal of delivering on your brand promise.

As for Obama, it is brand delivery time!!!!

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