Apology, clarification on how to get started with social media marketing

I am eating crow this morning for my last post. A good friend, Meghan, made it clear that my last post How to get started with social media marketing was condescending as she read it. Specifically, the opening line, “The best social media marketing strategy is to have a brand, product or service worth talking about. Let me stop there and let that sink in…”, was her complaint. I apologize to all my readers. The first sentence was the point I wanted to make and went to far with the “let me stop there and let that sink in.”


Meghan also had some confusion and questions about why I identified bloggers as the place to start with social media marketing. This was purely a mis-communication on my part. The first step is to identify your most engaged customers. In this group or through treating this group, you can get the word-of-mouth that you are looking for. This strategy is in contrast to how many companies today approach online influencers that have very little engagement with the company’s products or services.

I hope this helps clarify.

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