Favorite new TV show: Mental

MENTAL is a medical mystery drama featuring Dr. Jack Gallagher, an unorthodox psychiatrist who becomes Director of Mental Health Services at a Los Angeles hospital where he takes on patients battling unknown, misunderstood and often misdiagnosed psychiatric conditions. Dr. Gallagher delves inside their minds to gain a true understanding of who his patients are, allowing him to uncover what might be the key to their long-term recovery.

Why I like this show?

It is entertaining and it educates. I think it also has great potential to tear down stereotypes and silence of those that are effected by mental illness (patients, spouses, children and friends). In my college years, I was pursuing the track of a psychologist and spent 2 internships in psychiatric facilities. The doctors portrayed in the show are great examples of real life doctors and their own demons they are dealing with – minus the doctor I knew that had a mental illness and tries to treat himself (true story with a bad ending).  My interest in the show is only increased by my family’s struggle with my father’s bipolar disorder and the triumphs and failures with modern day pharmacology as well as standard medical practices when doctors treat the disorder and not the person.

Good job Fox! Now if we can just get you do do something noble with American Idol.

If you are interested in the new science of mental disorders, please check out my post from last year.

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